Goloka Cow Sanctuary

Cow Protection

Goloka Goshala is part of Goloka Prema Dhama, which is a model of sustainable living based on the principles laid by His Divine Grace Abhaya Charanavind Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada said that human society is dependent on cows for its sustenance and, therefore, they must be protected. Lord Krishna loves cows and so do we. Srila Prabhupada wanted that we, as Krishna's devotees, protect and care for cows throughout their lives. This goshala is a small attempt to please him and Lord Krishna.

Our Story

In 2019, we were searching for a property to apply the principles of Varnashrama given by Srila Prabhupada in our daily lifestyle. We came upon this current property with 3 cows (being raised for meat). Once we had seen this property, we knew that Krishna wants us to get this because He put His cows first and marked the land for us. None of us had any experience with taking care of cows, but we sincerely wanted to serve them and please our teachers. A year later, we have more than doubled the pasture area for the cows, increased their pen space, added winter-safe area, and turn their barn space into a comfortable warm bed.

Our affirmations

We have adopted six affirmations of cow care as laid out by HH Krishna Kshetra Maharaj in his book: Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics
  1. Cow Care and Care - We care for cows throughout their natural lives as subjects, rather than as objects.
  2. Cow Care and Fairness – We ensure that byproducts of the cow such as milk are obtained only under strict conditions of respectful and caring treatment.
  3. Cow Care and Liberty – We honor that people have a choice in their diet, while explaining the reasons for reducing meat consumption, including the environmental cost.
  4. Cow Care and Loyalty – The locus of our loyalty is not based on communalism (which in India contributes to conflicts around cow protection) but on knowledge in the mode of goodness, which, according to the Bhagavad-gita, reveals a single unchanging reality in all beings.
  5. Cow Care and Authority – We put our trust in authorities who have experience and knowledge in caring for cows, not just in politicians or other persons in positions of power.
  6. Cow Care and Sanctity – We consider cows as bearing sanctity, but not to the exclusion of other animals.

Our Herd

We have 4 bulls and 3 cows who have been rescued from various places in Michigan.

Our Purporse

Our cows are family members. The cows at Goloka are provided with lifelong care and will never have to endure the suffering they once underwent. They enjoy fresh supply of hay, a nice barn and green pastures all day every day. Apart from that, they receive lot of love and care that they need to recover from their past experiences. The purposes of our sanctuary are:
  • to educate public about the significance of cows for humanity,
  • to provide a comfortable life for rescued cows,
  • to provide a platform for our visitors to recognize them as persons,
  • to develop a relationship with them that is beyond them being “Food”.
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